Social Media Tips

Never before in the history of the world have we been able to connect with our prospects, fans, and customers in such an intimate, yet scalable, way. That said, many companies just treat social media as another advertising platform and have been unable to unlock its true potential for connection and story-telling. Here you will find the most current best practices for managing social media properly.
This will include software tools for managing your accounts, guides, checklists, and other relevant and useful information you will need to maximize your online presence.

How Do I Tell My Story?

Recently a colleague of mine approached me wanting to know some “best practices” for social media engagement..


What is the ROI of Customer Reviews?

How do you calculate the ROI on stuff like that? What is the ROI of good customer service? Of having a clean store? Of having service techs that wear deodorant?


Lead Generation for Small Business in 8 Easy Steps

Most small business owners are very tactical in nature when it comes to their marketing. In other words, when the...


A Passion for Business – An Interview with Zeb Welborn

Just before the recession hit some years back, Zeb Welborn decided to quit his teaching job to pursue other...


Using LinkedIn Groups for Prospecting

In this episode I sit down with Darren Davis from Link Caffeine and we talk about inbound marketing, how to use LinkedIn Groups for prospecting, and why everyone should visit the panhandle of Florida.


Where Attention Goes…

When we talk about marketing and advertising all we’re really doing is asking, “Where is the attention of the consumer?” and “How do we get in front of them wherever their attention may be?”


Dollar Shave Club Review

I am a self-identified marketing junkie. I collect junk mail. I watch infomercials for fun. I “play prospect” with companies all the time to see how they try and sell me. I examine their processes...


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